Tuesday, Patreon, Pill Hunt, and Bread

I've got the oven preheating for the second time, because I only had time to cook one bread, yesterday. So now I'm a few hours away from actually putting that thing in the oven.

...I think I might need to wash my lame. It doesn't seem to be working like it should. That's going to be interesting because getting sourdough goop off anything requires a decent soak.

After the bread's done and cooling, I pln on taking off to North Lakes to track down the new supply of Ashwagandha. I only have one day's dose left and procrastination on that count is not doing any more favours.

Ashwagandha is hard to find. Especially the stuff that's solid and not some gel cap filled with what resembles oregano.

I also have some stuff to drop to my Patrons on Patreon. I have some arts to share. I'm not satisfied with the results yet. Needs some tweaking. Some parts are blending in with others and I don't like it.

I do have to apologise to MeMum because I mis-estimated my time windows for yesterday. My very bad for having the temporal awareness of a concussed whelk.

The first loaf is looking very well (and is tasty) and is currently wrapped in paper bags until either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. I left it on the rack since last night

Onwards I go.