Challenge #04110-K092: The Important Points

I run a school to teach new pilots how to fly their ships, how to work with the Gravy Drives and their caretakers, and all the ins, outs, and laws of owning and flying a ship here in the Alliance. I get to travel a lot so I really love my job, it's never boring! -- Anon Guest

The controls and simulator teach pilots the essentials. All the variants of controls available and how to interact with them properly. That can only take a pilot so far. To really learn how to fly, you have to meet your Gravy Drive and at least get along with them.

You really want to listen to their companion Nae'hyn. The Gravy Drive is not their property... it's more of an animistic deity that's also a family member. It's complicated. The Nae'hyn are the only ones who can build -er- birth a Gravy Drive, and it's all in their philosophy. Faith. Mindset. It's hard to tell from the outside, and those on the inside insist we're all asking the wrong questions.

What I teach most? Proper Nae'hyn manners and how to relate to your Gravy Drive. You can hook up all the controls you like, but if your Drive doesn't like you, they're going to act in their own self-interest. That could end badly for everyone on board.

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