Tuesday, Patreon and unfuckening

Thanks to Beloved being yet another whirlwind, I now have a small store of prepped meals so I don't default to potentially unhealthy nonsense when Beloved is not otherwise around to cook. And it will save money on restaurant stuff.

...though it does look like the spawn have noticed the meal trays and thought, Aha! Easy food.


Same as it ever was.

Today, I shall finish writing my Tale Foundry entry, post on Patreon, and tidy up around the kitchen a bit before I settle down to populate/set-dress even more portions of dungeon for the players to dragon in. If I'm feeling spectacularly energetic, I may even reach the point where I'm building the next level.

I doubt, though. TaleSpire has its frustrations. And sometimes, those frustrations are in the piddly little details that end up making a map look good.

I'm also on the hook for redesigning the Box of House. Because of course I am.

...I do these things to myself.