Challenge #03382-I094: Divine... Wrong?

What makes a ruler? Is it their crown? Their bloodline? Their birthright? Is it their strength, their power, their magic? Is it all of the above? None of the above? These things go through a young prince's mind, as they are told their older sibling has stepped down as heir, and they must take their sibling's place. -- Anon Guest

Centuries ago, a warlord had made a throne, and put a circlet of gold on his head. He made his friends into lords, and himself into a king. He clung to power with an iron fist. The resultant kingdom and the bloodline were named after him. Julalruhk.

The warlords sons and grandsons kept a throne with swords soaked in blood. Their great-grandsons kept a throne with tradition and taxes. There was a lot more fiscal responsibility associated with living in a palace. For one thing, a King was expected to keep the economy going. Which was why Julian was stepping down.

"I have no head for numbers," he explained. "Even with an abacus, I can't add two and two to get the same answer thrice. You were always better at this, Norry. You can look after it all better than I."

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