Tuesday, Patreon and Plotting

I am going to be set dressing in TaleSpire today. All the closer to swapping over to DungeonDraft and thereby speeding up the dungeon-making process. And also making a new process, huzzah.

I shall also be putting my continuing novel, A Devil's Tale, into a special folder so my mum can read it. Her compy doesn't like the huge master file, so she's getting a bespoke folder with each chapter in a separate document.

It's going to take me ages. I might never write a part of chapter 96 today. A small price to pay to make sure my number one quality controller can actually control the quality of my work.

I also have some stuff to share with my Patreons and I shall give them a poll about what I'm doing with the content.

IF anyone participates, then I'll have a PLN to continue. If not... well... I did give them a choice.

I'll try to send out notice about the poll. And make sure my followers everywhere know about it.

It's an important decision to make.

Whether or not I should filter down A Devil's Tale to a lower tier. Or if my readers don't care so long as there's content.

Considering how far ahead I am of what's been posted, I might also accelerate how much I post on the higher tier. Just to catch up with what's there.

More content is good content, right?

And speaking of content, I should get on with getting mine out.