Challenge #03558-I269: Your Body, Your Choice

The planet, a Havenworld, was quite warm, and beautiful. The humans that found it, and created a colony, had only one rule that seemed very abnormal. Except for underwear, and safety equipment when needed, the wearing of clothing was very much optional. Needless to say, this tended to shock Galactics any time they visited. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm sure I did a prompt like this sometime in the past, but I'm blowed if I know where it is.]

Welcome to Pakao, your clothing is your choice. The weather is always lovely. The rains are always warm. And there happen to be some areas where wandering around nude is acceptable. Those are plainly labled for those with offensensitivity[1].

It's full of Humans, but nowhere is completely perfect.

And, surprisingly, people often go there to complain about it existing. It's okay, we all know they're Dereggers. They seem greatly offended by the word 'choice'.

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