Tuesday, Patreon and Other Shenanigans

So everyone's talking about the Oscars and the Thing That Happened. Let's get a few things straight:

  1. Jaida Smith has a chronic condition that effects her appearance
  2. Chris Rock decided that being a dick about this was funny
  3. Will Smith decided not on my watch
  4. All the conservative/white hot takes are all "violence is wrong" because misogyny/racism and misogynoir [which is specific misogyny against black women]
  5. And for SOME REASON we're getting a resurgence of "if you ignore abuse, the abuser will go away" horseshit

Chris Rock deserved more than a literal slap in the face, but white conservatives everywhere are acting as if a slap in the face could have killed him???? Way to play to the "violent black man" stereotrope when Rock himself acted as if this was an awesome callout.

Enough about that nonsense.

It's Tuesday, so my goals are to post a bunch of stuff on Patreon. Then build some more dungeon, and then maybe faff around.

The HORRIBAD cyclone headache that's been bugging me since Sunday went away finally and at last. Yay. My former solutions [painkiller, eat something chewy, and sleep] didn't work that well but a bubble bath with Beloved seemed to have done the trick. After a good sleep.

So now I have space in which to do things and arrange stuff.

IDK what stuff I'm arranging, but I can do that.