Challenge #03375-I087: Elevation Trepidation

They begin a determined quest to find a way to protect wraithvine and other GOOD magic users from the devastating effects of that powerful spell. And, begin to test Amatu to see just how powerful his abilities truly are, including to see if those wings really will help him fly. -- DaniAndShali

The water looked even further down from the top of the overhang. "I'm not sure about this," said Amatu. "I've only ever glided before. I've never really wanted to fly."

"Even if you can't fly, there's a nice safe landing zone below." Wraithvine patted Amatu on the shoulder. "Try, at least. In trying, we all learn." For instance, they learned that Amatu's angelic feathers never stayed wet for long and could, under certain circumstances, actively rebuff rain.

"One attempt to start with, and then we work on the shield thing for you," Amatu said. They had agreed, reluctantly, to exchange onerous tasks or tests. Amatu would try to fly, and Wraithvine would attempt a defense from the bell.

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