Tuesday, Patreon, and a Problem

It's Patreon Tuesday, so I have a bunch of stuff to post. I don't have anything for Tale Foundry - YET. Thinking about this is one of my tasks today.

I aim to get a month's worth of fictions tagged because I keep forgetting to do a week a day. Bleh.

So much to do. So little organisation. On my gottado's today:

  • All the self cares
  • Patreon posts
  • Tale Foundry story
  • Dungeon building
  • World building
  • Fic tagging for the app

If I get even half of those done, I shall count myself ahead TBH.

There's calls to stop counting the plague cases and the other statistics. As well as calls to stop all the preventative measures. It's easy to feel like an expendable cog in the machine, and easy to feel unwanted as a result.

No wonder I'm obsessed with Kosh. He's just automatically rejected without a thought. I'm living that neglect from the greater community.


Onwards to the rest of my nonsense.