Challenge #03333-I045: Artistic Appreciation

Mr. Sunshine is sitting on leave at a fairly crowded, and quite pleasant, space station in the park painting a portrait of a pair of young kittens that were rolling around playing in the grass under the watch of the nearby mama cat. Behind him, there's a light clearing of the throat, and a young Havenworlder comes up to him and asks, politely, if he could teach them how to paint portraits, too. -- Lessons

Sunshine had to look twice. "You did see my warning colours, did you not?" He did not mention that the colours put people off of interacting with him, and that he preferred it that way. "I am among the more dangerous Humans."

"Yes," said the Saurian. Very gracile, very sleek. Their feathers ran almost parallel to their skin, and therefore did little to extend their personal space. "I am aware. I am also aware of your magnificent artistry. I would learn this skill. If I may. I can afford the Time[1]."

Sunshine reclassified them as rich maniac and asked some of the basic questions. "Do you know how to prepare a canvas? Which media do you prefer? May I see your brushes?"

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