Tuesday, Day Zero, Patreon Day

Three more cases, all from overseas and detected in quarantine. Sing along with the chorus. Fourteen active cases, fourteen chances for one arsehole. Sigh.

I'm posting my last chapter of KOSBOB on Patreon today... and an awful lot of Terrible Tiefling Tales.

Some are new. I swear I'm trying to work on the things I already started. Promise.

Headlines... Ugh... Let's see what Humanity's been up to since the last check-in:

  • Muppet refusing to give anything to Biden - including adjudication on death penalties
  • Muppet legal team sheds another member, this time one with a tinfoil hat
  • "Oppressive" heatwave to hit NSW
  • Police examining CCTV footage to get to the root of the pizza parlour outbreak
  • Paul "wage freeze" Keating says that ScoMo wants to kill superannuation. Dude, we already knew
  • NSW Premier didn't quarantine after her test, and is now getting slammed
  • Oxford and AstraZeneca's vaccine only at 70% efficacy
  • Qantas planning to refuse service to antivaxxers, requiring proof of Covid vaccination to fly
  • Muppet's tinfoil-hat campaign set to become a plague worse than Covid
  • Oxford had been working on mystery/fictional disease before Covid hit, and thus had a head start
  • Anti-lockdown protestor in Germany compares herself to anti-nazi hero
  • Vaccine is not going to make travel safe on its own, we'll still need masks, social distancing, and quarantine periods
  • Save the platypus, save Australia
  • Peters' monopoly in petrol stations may be why it's so hard to get a Gaytime any more
  • Muppet's legal attempts to cook the vote likened to Frankenstein's Monster

I'm posting my Patreon nonsense now. Story soon enough.