Tuesday, Day Zero, big day

There's FIVE new cases today. They're all from overseas and caught in quarantine, and the number is back up to thirteen. Yeeks.

I hate it when the total cases are in double figures. Yes, I am aware that other nations have it worse than us, but still. This pairs well with the news that the UK variant of the plague has come to Adelaide.

Brief reprise of Huzzah, We're All Going to Die by Morons...

I have unfuckening PLN'd and Patreon stuff to post as well as the usual story du jour. Today's Patrons will see a preview of my entry to Tale Foundry's weekly challenge. 350 words on a theme and I think the trick is stir in dragons.

My $5 Patrons will know what I'm talking about.

In the headlines:

  • Plague still rife in Sydney
  • Media turns against Muppet
  • Man stabbed by mum slapped with restraining order
  • New hotspots for plague in NSW
  • This summer set to be wet
  • Muppet finally signs approval to $600 stimulus cheques for all
  • USA resident in Melbourne confused by the local dialect makes YouTube video about it
  • Australia's vaccine plan includes making sure everyone in the nation can get a shot, and that said shot is safe for kids and pregnant people
  • Ivanka Trump set to move into an Island Bunker for Billionaires
  • Big Woolies has super sale on vacuum cleaners and everyone's stoked about that, apparently

In personal news, I'm thinking about adding, Gender-bending Tumblrina who writes LGBTIAQ propaganda to my Tungl profile. I'm weighing the pros and cons. I shall ask my voice of reason when Beloved wakes up.

Let's get onto that Patreon stuff.