Challenge #02908-G351: Engagement Approval Feast

A: How do you like my fiancé cooking?

B: ... marry him

A: th-that’s the plan

B: Marry him faster -- Anon Guest

There is one hurdle when introducing a potential lifemate to Abuela. How well does the intended cook? Not just one dish, several. Not just one meal. A variety of them. There would be no useless partners collected under Abuela's watch.

"My husband, much though I loved him, was useless," she said as she told the tale. "When I fell very sick, he never knew what to do. When I got sick, I had to pass him baby step instructions or watch the rent money go to all the restaurants all around us. I made it my mission to teach all the children who join my house to cook. And insist that all adults who come to join it already know."

The rest of the family, who had heard the story, joined the chorus. "There will be no useless spouses in this family." Which got a laugh. Ben had been briefed, and therefore chuckled along.

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