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Challenge #03031-H108: Love Her to Education

What if someone loves a member of the Family, but has to learn to cook. -- Anon Guest

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As far as love is concerned, there are levels of adoration. Loving to distraction is easy. Loving to invention is harder, inspiring the lover to make something initially for their best-beloved. Harder still... is loving to education.

Izzy had been kept out of the kitchen by a series of circumstances for her entire life. First, her parents didn't want to trip over her, then they didn't want her in their elbows. Then this otherwise marvelous pair of perfectionists couldn't stand watching her stumble her way through novice failure after novice failure. She had spent her whole life having other people cook for her, and attempting "five minute" cookery that was set up to fail from the beginning[1]. Until today.

Today, Izzy DuPree was learning how to cook. Izzy loved Mary Rodruiguez to absolute bits, and her Abuela insisted that there would be no useless spouses. Sexuality didn't matter. Gender identity didn't matter. Wealth and upbringing didn't matter. If you couldn't handle a spatula, you were out on your ear. They were starting with eggs.

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Challenge #02937-H014: Let the Trash Be Treasured

Can you imagine a world where there are more, empty, livable, homes and apartments than there are homeless individuals, and yet the wealthy allow those homes and apartments to fall into disrepair and ruin rather than allow the homeless live there and maintain it? Can you imagine a time, a place, a world... where people build small homes for the homeless, a 'tiny home' with a bed, a roof, basic toilet facilities, and tiny kitchen, just enough to be comfortable and survive

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Challenge #02908-G351: Engagement Approval Feast

A: How do you like my fiancé cooking?

B: ... marry him

A: th-that’s the plan

B: Marry him faster -- Anon Guest

There is one hurdle when introducing a potential lifemate to Abuela. How well does the intended cook? Not just one dish, several. Not just one meal. A variety of them. There would be no useless partners collected under Abuela's watch.

"My husband, much though I loved him, was useless," she said as she told the tale. "When I fell

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