Tuesday, Day One, Patreon

I owe my Patrons some content, starting with arranging the trickle-down of KOSBOB from $15 and down into the $1 tier. It's more or less a patience thing with my Patreon setup. Feedback on what could improve things for folks would help. Alas, I have a silent following.


I will be doing some research as where to source certain things I would like to have included in the yule feast.

Let's peek at the news:

  • China demands ScoMo "kowtow" in thrilling continuation of the nonsense between them and Aus
  • China releases photoshopped picture dragging Aussie soldier through the mud, gets called out
  • Georgia supports forensic inspection of voting machines they had there. I predict they'll find even more votes for Biden
  • Bahonkers weather disasters predicted for Aus
  • SuperKaren faked cancer to get her wedding guests to pay for her nuptuals
  • NZ helicopter pilot discovers heart made out of trees in a true "aaw, humans" moment
  • Cruise ships set to have new safety regulations following the Ruby Princess debacle
  • 62YO Madonna has a 26YO boyfriend. Yick
  • Facebook home to Woolies-related phishing scam. Don't believe anything that's too good to be true, folks

Ugh. Onwards to Patreon.