Challenge #02882-G325: Forging ahead

The human was highly recommended by everyone the crew asked when it came to being a security officer. They were diligent, highly intelligent, made friends easily, in fact many of the crew still talked to them from time to time. The only caveat tended to be, they didn't want normal crew quarters to sleep in, they always asked for a storage bay. Why? Well, they collected blades. But not all blades, only unique ones. But that wasn't the only reason.

I decided to go see for myself why they always asked for a bay and walked inside. There was the human dressed in skins and protective layers of what looked like leather. They were pumping a large handle heating steel before bringing it, glowing hot, to another large hunk of metal and began to hit it with a hammer. -- Anon Guest

Heat management detected an anomaly in Human Stef's quarters, which was Storage Bay Three. Using wild Humans from the Edge was always full of certain levels of weirdness. Up to and including the fact that wild Humans and standard personal habitats didn't always mix. Given that Human Stef was twice the size of a standard bunk on the Wandering Inquisitive, they could understand why the Human would prefer to retrofit a storage bay.

Now that there was a heat anomaly in there, there was the concern that a wild Human was possibly cooking their food on a fire that they had built inside a closed vessel. Fire was always a terror in space and Humans loved fire beyond all logic and reason. SO it was that Companion Gorx hurried to Storage Bay Three to check on Human Stef and whatever they had going on in their habitat.

Human Stef had blades on every wall. Including the wall to the sanitation facility and, in all likelihood, inside it as well. This was a Human after all. In the largest space of Human Stef's habitat was reserved for a large chunk of metal and an electric heat element inside heavy shielding. Human Stef was wearing something that scanned as animal hides and repeatedly hitting white-hot metal with a hammer.

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