Tuesday, Day 1, Shrinky Bzns

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! One hundred and twenty-nine total active cases, with thirty-four in hospital, one in the ICU.

It is so nice to see the numbers dwindling. I can breathe a little easier even if I am still wearing a mask.

I have already posted my story for Tale Foundry but my lucky Patrons will be seeing the extended version that I had to cut because word limits.

Today is not a good day for internets in this household so let's try and do our utmost with what is there. Posting may be slow as hell.

In the news:

  • Biden blames Afghanistan for the Taliban bullshit
  • People are trying to hitch rides in airplane landing gear to get away from Afghanistan
  • Family of teen who died of Covid now in hospital with the same plague
  • Women are having their implants removed. The horror :\
  • Stupid idiots who threw that engagement party copped a huge fine, AND it might yet be a Super-Spreader event
  • Outback town outraged at first plague case after Sydney stole their jabs
  • China mocks USA for the Afghanistan fuckup
  • Only NOW does Queensland have plans for a quarantine facility -_-

Let's get this over with.