Tuesday, Day 0, Jabs at Last!

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Twenty-eight total active cases, with eighteen in hospital. The kids are getting their first jabs today and myself and Beloved are getting our second ones tomorrow.

Which means that the next couple of weeks are going to be "fun". Especially when we're also aiming to unfuck the house and yard.


I have to do the Patreon stuff after the kids have been pierced. Because getting them organised is the big challenge this AM.

In the news:

  • People "escaping" to Byron Bay
  • Muppet back on his lab conspiracy bullshit
  • Some idiot killed his whole family and three kids who were there for a sleepover
  • Pfizer cleared for kids age 5-11
  • Anthony "AJ" Johnson has passed on
  • Australia at 72% 1st vax, 47% fully vaxxed
  • Woman makes tastyfake of the Bunnings' snag-inna-slice
  • NSW and co in for some nasty cold blasts

And now, the big challenge - getting Mayhem ready for the nonsense planned today.