Challenge #03160-H251: How to Save Human

Humans are too eager, sometimes, to protect us. We appreciate it, we rely on it, we've become highly dependent on it. Some of us... may have even grown weaker, relying on our living shields far too much. They are far too willing to throw their lives away for us, we must get them to see, their lives are worth just as much as ours are. -- Lessons

It is universally agreed that Humans, as a species, are insane. They have to be. Look at how willing they are to throw away their lives so that others can survive. Once devoted to their pack-mates, they will do literally anything for the greater good. Well. What they believe is the greater good.

There has to be a way to make them stop.

On the subject of tempering the Human impulse to step in the way of Death, Companion Rav was fast becoming an expert. On their good days, they could damn their body corporate for only choosing to have Rescue Humans as Ships' Humans.

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