Tuesday, Day 0, Extension Lockdown

Plague news: Lockdown's extended until Sunday. Fifteen new cases: thirteen local, two imports. Sixty-six active cases, thirty-eight are in hospital and one in the ICU.

There's a new variant out there. It's called Lambda and it's even deadlier than Delta.

In unrelated news, I have just now heard that there are people in the USA who deny that the plague was ever real. Dude. We're still swimming in it.

Being kind to me is working. I reached quota yesterday, but I didn't get about to tagging any fiction for the app.

In the news:

  • China slams Australia for lockdowns
  • Obama slammed for holding a public gathering
  • Olympics
  • Kathy Griffin has lung cancer
  • There could be a vaccine rebate? $300 for taking a jab. Now they're bribing us
  • China's billionaire is now missing
  • Sunscreen had a cancerous pathogen in it. Yay
  • Turkey's on fire
  • List of Australian didjano's
  • Zero Waste Coles unveiled in Melbourne
  • US expat confused by Aussie schoolyard slang

Enough of this nonsense. More of the other nonsense.