Challenge #03111-H203: No Good Deed

They were dead... they knew they were dead... the explosion, there was a gaping hole in their side and yet... yet they were alive. A breathing mask on their face, they were in an ICU drawer, but it was a rough one, just barely enough, who.. what saved them? Their last memory, explosions, they were getting those Vorax kids off of their ship, not as prisoners, the ship had been struck by some kind of debris, cometary? A face showed, oh no, an adult vorax! Wait,, it wasn't killing them, what the he....?

[Vorax] "You saved kids, we owe just this once, almost to station, we get help. You hurt bad."

[Human] "Why did... why did you save me?"

[Vorax] If it could roll its eyes, it would. "You saved kids, just this once, we leave you at station, you get help, we owe for kids lives." -- Fighting Fit

There are unwritten rules that many people fight for, no matter how illogical they are. Always come to a distress call because the distress may one day be yours. Share what you can spare to those who cannot spare anything. No child, no matter the species, deserves to die in hard vacuum.

Human Kin didn't even notice the small creatures he was herding into spare lifepods were Vorax until he was at number twenty. By then, he was actively searching for little ones hiding under the furniture or in closets. No nook or cranny left unseen. The first thought, always an inane one, was, Oh, they're Vorax.

The next thought hit like the debris that hit him[1]. Oh shit. They're Vorax. Then everything went black. The last thought - or what Kin assumed to be his last thought - was, Okay. I got most of them out. Kin did not expect to wake up. It was a mixed surprise.

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