Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague News: Day four of the three-day lockdown. We're extended to Sunday. Sixteen new cases, all local. Eighty two total active cases, forty-seven are in hospital and one in the ICU.

Desire to stay at home and order in my nonsense increases. Not that we're in danger of running out of a lot just yet. I'll have to see if my usual bargain haunts do delivery. Just in case.

Stupid plague.

On one hand, I want to rant about some things, on the other, I really want to share my Tiefling's backstory.

The things I want to rant about? Cosmic Sin and Centaurworld, but for different reasons. I can recommend the latter with all of my heart. I do not necessarily recommend Cosmic Sin.

There's SciFi that's terrible because it knows it's terrible. There's SciFi that's terrible because it takes itself too seriously and tries too hard. Both are adored because of that. Then there's the SciFi that's terrible because they half-arsed a bunch of ideas. Cosmic Sin is this. Some people involved in the production cared, but you can tell where they gave up.

In the news:

  • Olympics
  • Jason Momoa won't put up with fandom bullshit invasive questions
  • Lockdowns could last for firkin ages
  • Plague
  • A Knomira got arrested for not wearing a mask. At Firkin LAST
  • Fashion Police in Little Woolies outraged at someone else's outfit
  • Bill Gates divorced

Aaaannnd I could not focus on writing my novel yesterday. I'm okay. I did write some words, but I didn't exactly take off. I'm going to leave off counts for the rest of the week and write until I just can't. Be kind to me.

I've done this before and weathered the storm. I can do this again.

But enough of this nonsense. On with my other nonsense.