Challenge #03111-H203: Rewarding Consequences

It's been a few years since Mx. Edda had begun implementing new policies in order to win Healer Allie's favor and get the Healer to work with her in a more significant manner. Mx. Edda, though she found her profits lowered to start, is now shocked to find she has higher profits than ever before, as well as healthier, longer-lived, employees who actually greet her with smiles. -- Lessons

Change, especially the change Lucky Medik Allie demanded, was painful for a Deregger CEO. Because of her morals, Edda paid for a clone, but did not transfer her consciousness into the new body. Rather, she raised her - or paid people to raise her - in her own image. It wasn't immortality, but it was the next best thing.

In the meantime, Edda shaved her profit margin to its barest bones of less than millions as she enacted employment reforms that hurt her Deregger soul. She had to make money by selling some of her things. She felt unclean.

And yet... she was also watching churn decline. Her living resources were sickening less, dying more slowly. Some of them were even claiming pensions, another drain on her economies. But like the trophic cascades in the wildernesses, the presence of grandparents meant that the Freeloaders - children - had another presence to deal with non-work emergencies. Domiciles had an extra income which meant access to better food which meant, that when the... children became useful, they were healthier and could work longer. Fascinating. This warranted more study.

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