Monday, Day 0, Lockdown(cont'd)

Plague news: Nine new cases, all local transmissions. Fifty-three total cases, thirty-four are in hospital, with one of those in the ICU. I honestly don't know how staying indoors for three days total is going to help, but it's masks on outside the home bubble once more.

One of my loafs turned out extra crispy because this idiot forgot to turn the temperature down for the browning part of the equation. The good news is that the extra ten minutes to rise has done its magic and neither loaf is a marginal sod.

The bad news for me today is that my bad luck in all things effort-directed continues. My webcam literally fell apart on me [wtff] during a stream, I spilled coke on my favoured keyboard and though I have reserves, the reserve keyboard is not my favourite. Also my right wrist is playing up.

Fun times.

The PLN today is to have several windows open and once and flit to wherever my muse takes me. I shall have TaleSpire going, I shall have my novel open with the eventual goal of five hundred words. If I get there, I get there. But I'll also be having Factorio going in case I just want to goof off.

I am being kind to me, today.

In the news:

  • QLD preparing to shut down for even longer. Firkin called it
  • Olympics
  • Plague
  • Olympian tells anti-vaxxers to stop their protest. If only he'd told them to stop being so darn silly
  • New plague strain has dropped. Lambda is identified and deadlier even than Delta. FUCK
  • Young lad saves sister from savage dog
  • Satellite photos prove climate change is real
  • More suburbs full of Knomiras

And now... Stories.