Thursday, Visiting PLNs

Beloved does not have experts today and Adorable has not laid her hands on The Princess Bride so I am taking a very special book on a very special journey.

HEALTH UPDATE: The "wobbling" is perfectly normal. Dangit. Also, Beloved has been given the "just because you can..." speech. We may have to sit on her.

I actually don't have to thread the renfair dress. It was hung up properly to boot. Either we threaded it properly earlier and forgot, or we have a Brownie in the house.

I should get a honey cake and leave it out close to midnight anyway. Just in case. Why honey cake? Because I don't have milk to put in a saucer.

[The kids will probably get it, but it's in the spirit of the thing. I won't ask who "found" it anyway]

ANYway. I am going to publish this and then pack up my nonsense and head off to Adorable's to hang out.

My offerings will happen while I'm over there.

Let's go have some fun.