Challenge #03840-J188: Foundling Families

A dying human with a kind heart had been given a Wishing Stone. Clutched in the elderly hand, they made their wish. All children, especially infants, in their world abandoned in middens, abandoned in the forests, or otherwise left to die in would vanish from the place that would otherwise be their deathbeds, and reappear in a place there they could be safe and grow up cared for. That final wish, cost them their final breath, but they died peacefully knowing many would be spared. -- Anon Guest

He had spent his life trying to save the unwanted from a cruel fate. Now that life was at an ebb. One of his eldest rescues had come back to see him. Ze had been adventuring, and returned with a wish.

It looked like a river-stone, apart from the fact that it was softly glowing in every colour the world could contain.

"One wish, Da," said Falavor. "One wish to change the world. I couldn't think of anything better than to give it to you."

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