Thursday, Leyland's Tour

Today, all bets are off regarding output. I am driving/escorting my love all across the country so we can all deal with funerary arrangements and organising the final farewell.

I'm taking my iPad on the off chance that I may have an opportunity to add a sentence or two to the continuing story of a devilborn whose love life is going to hell.

...better known to everyone in the loop as A Devil's Tale.

It's a security blanket and we both know it.

I have this feeling that if I don't work on something at some point in my day, then I'm failing everyone. That's... the burnout grind right there.

I need to let myself take a breather now and again. I'm no good to anyone, including myself, if I just grind on output all the time.

I have to do things for people today. That should be enough.

And I have to hit the ground RUNNING this morning.