Challenge #03560-I271: Fare-thee-well to Planet Hell

It's well known the fluids that comes out of humans can be dangerous to other species. Imagine their shock when they realize that some of these fluids are deadly even to humans! Such as the hydrochloric acid inside their stomachs, or the fact their liquid waste product, if it breaks down, turns into ammonia!

Note - one of the reasons human stomach cells never stop growing is the fact that the main ingredient in stomach acids is hydrochloric acid. One of the most deadly, and caustic, acids currently known to human kind. Also, urea, which is the main component of human urine, when allowed to break down, turns into raw ammonia. Yes, the same ammonia people use in most industrial cleaning products. It was used in ancient roman fulleries - laundry services - for centuries before the fall of the empire. This is due to the fact ammonia is an excellent way for getting stains and grime out of clothing. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Human bodily fluids have had industrial uses since the dawn of industry. Ancient Roman steel used to be made using the urine of a red-headed boy, and gigantic bowls were left by the street near tanners so that males in need could "make a contribution" to the business. History is gross and fun]

They had been rescued from a very hostile planet, but not quite hostile enough to end Humans. They were a resourceful bunch. With little in the way of surviving technology, they managed to kludge together most tools necessary to continue surviving until rescue could get there.

They were thinner, sicker, and in rougher shape than most would believe possible. Thus adding to the legend of Human indomitability.

Finding out how they did it was an exercise in horror.

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