Thursday, Further Shenanigans, and Whoops No Ducks (Also Day Zero)

I'd ask what else could go wrong, but I know what happens to people who say blatantly silly things like that.

Long story short, the ducks I thought were ready to march are still lost in the pond. I will chase them down when I find some of that elusive free time. Today's shenanigans include finally changing the batteries in my car so Mayhem can get some driving in during the nonsense this arvo. Yay.

There's two more cases and they're all in the same source. It's a sign of how well Queensland is doing that two cases has us on red alert whilst Victoria celebrates slipping under twenty cases a day. Relativity is a bitch.

In a further sign of the times, I have left my thermals off today, since it's getting increasingly warmer.

In the headlines:

  • The government's offer of survival cash for Aussies stranded overseas is seen as the laughable performative palliative it is
  • Dude in Victoria finds a dead freaking body in his backyard (!)
  • Politician slammed for breaking quarantine rules
  • US shocked that sports star has Covid-19 and is apparently cool with an imminent demise
  • [Me talking: This will probably do more to unite America in ending the plague than any other talking points from the left wing]
  • Muppet caught lying again. Shocker
  • Woman spends $135K to look like a Bratz doll. No, really
  • An entirely different woman makes a bikini top out of vital PPE [surgical masks] for the lols
  • Another quarantine guard canned for inappropriate behaviour
  • Musk has been challenged to put the chip in his own damn brain
  • Australia headed for a depression. Better than headed for an extinction

Money is not the most important thing in the world. It's taking a lot of jokers a long-arse time to wake up to that one.

Somewhere in this mess, I should at least try folding one mask. Augh.