Challenge #02794-G237: We Do Mean Anything

Me: Bears are f** terrifying. Some are bulletproof, their bones are strong enough to last though hibernation and are maul me to death with in a matter of seconds.

Also me: -- Anon Guest

[AN: Video shows a Russian dude (I presume, the dialogue sounds Russian) playing with his FULLY GROWN PET BEAR. How fortunate we are, indeed, to live in a world full of creatures who love to be petted]

Humans will arrive with pets. Most Havenworlders are advised to insist Human's pets are safely contained. Mostly because Humans take one look at a big predator twice their body-weight or more and say, "Aaw, that looks like a real cutie!" and take one home with them. Don't be mislead by the smaller predators. They're all quick, armed, and contain some truly interesting pathogens[1].

This pet arrived on a float pallet with a safety fence. There was a cushioned pad underneath the giant beast, and cautionary labels on the fencing. These included Predator Containment, Deathworlder, Live Animal, Do Not Disturb, and Human Pet, Do Not Harm. None of these warnings were reassuring in any way.

It was enormous, of a mass easily four times that of Human Dran's. The reason why it was on a float pallet was that it was sound asleep. "Don't worry about waking Pookie too hard," reassured Human Dran. "She's a sound sleeper when she's hibernating."

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