Challenge #02793-G236: Look He Likes You

I don’t know why, I want to pet this guy -- Anon Guest

[AN: Dear readers, the video linked is an alligator mating call. That reptile thinks the camera person is attractive o_O ]

Humans are well-known for wanting to pet every living creature on any given planet. Yes, even the toxic ones. There are Humans who keep toxic creatures as pets. There are Humans who laugh off "love bites" - but not from the venomous creatures. Well. Mostly not from the venomous creatures.

Everyone knows about at least one human who keeps a toxic creature and, through a process of 'love bites' has become a cogniscent serum horse. There is, in fact, a network of them. At the last bulletin, they were attempting to come up with an appropriate backronym from WHINNY or NEIGH[1]. Compared to all of this, an emotional support crocodile[2] is small beans.

This one was three Sidu[3] long and wearing a harness that attached to a leash that, in turn, attached to Human Vob. The croc evidently put up with hats with the infinite patience of a predator who doesn't have to worry about where the chicken is coming from. This one was a brightly-coloured party hat with a tinsel pompom. "It's his birthday," explained Human Vob.

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