Thursday, Disrupted Plans and Dealing With

Okay. We planned to have a nice date night, but Beloved got ill because Rona Vax Blargies. So date night cancelled.

I was going to a walk-in for our own Rona Vax, but the only place that did walk-ins had expired vaccines so that was also a nope.

So now I have to call the docs and arrange for the three of us [myself, Mayhem, and Chaos] to get the all-important jab.

And I may have to see about getting the Flu jabbies too. All the better to keep what little lung capacity I have left. Huzzah.

But in order to make that appointment, I have to firkin call them.

Which is going to happen tomorrow because I already spent a lot of my emotional effort on two chapters of A Devil's Tale this morning. And I did that because I needed to fix a lapse in the order of perspectives.

Speaking of: Chapter count is now up to 333. Neat.

On my agenda today:

  • The offerings
  • Record a chapter of Adapting
  • Tool around in Stencyl [if not already worn out by circumstances] and try to improve the movement mechanics

I'm already tired from beating down my Brain Gremlins, thanks to the mishaps mentioned above.

But I can at least start with the offerings.