Challenge #03951-J299: What Do You Mean, Again?

A young god offers to make Wraithvine a god. They do not know that Wraithvine is already a 'living god' worshipped by an ever-growing number of individuals. They only know how kind the gentle elf is, yet how strong and firm, they are, and wanted to reward them for all that they have done. -- Anon Guest

Deification is weird. Gods are wont to spring forth from any number of causes. Some mortals meet extraordinary circumstances, like falling into the well of magic. Some mortals killed a fallen god and therefore inherited all the residual devotion from their warlocks-turned-clerics. Some are just so gosh-darn legendary that deification happens through public faith.

One became a minor god by building a small shrine to see which god arrived[1].

This one had risen out of a necessary need, with people praying for their mercy shortly after they gave them a name. Myazmar most often took form as an ill-smelling cloud, but was personified as a filthy person of uncertain gender. That was how ze appeared to Wraithvine when the Eternal Wizard arrived.

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