Challenge #03952-J300: The Affection Conundrum

"Help me! I've just realized.... I'm deeply in love with our Ship's human. I know our bodies are completely incompatible, and yet, I can't help it. Every part of me wants to be with them, what do I do??" -- Anon Guest

[AN: This is going to be EXTRA fun since I'm valiantly trying to keep these stories PG]

Love is many things, none of them based in logic or reason. Or, for that matter, common sense. Love... wants, and what it wants is a moderately decent diagnostic for how healthy the potential relationship may be.

Diagnostician Eun knew they were in love. How deeply and how badly... that was the job of the onboard psychologist to help hir determine. All they were both certain of was that Eun was in trouble. How much was the question.

Therapist Rett began with the biggest thing to ask, "What do you want out of the relationship?"

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