Thursday, Day 1, Continuing nonsense

Plague news: twenty-one total cases, twenty of those are in hospital. That's a bit of a scary leap.

Today, Mayhem has a PLN to learn how to fix electronica. Starting with a friends' mouse. We all gotta begin somewhere. I have a PLN to go to Costco and get myself some prawns.

I used the last of my supplies to try making a keto version of Special Fried Rice, and... I'm the only one in the house who was willing to eat it T_T

...this is why I don't cook any more.

If I want to do programming this afternoon, I have to reboot my reserves today. So I'll just be testing the tag saving circumstances and then taking a nap five seconds after Miss Chaos gets back home.

In the news:

  • Fandom discourse over whether or not it is manly for Batman to perform cunnilingus
  • Surges of new cases in NSW prompt more restrictions
  • Press finally discover Biden's snapping point, and it is asking him to change Putin's behaviour
  • Grieving widow posts naughty selfies
  • Calls to re-introduce the mining tax may threaten the coal industry. Poflo, the coal industry is already sinking
  • Spanish man jailed for eating his mother
  • Buy a humidifier to ease the wintertime chapped lip

Onwards to the nonsense.