Challenge #03064-H156: Shall We Play a Game?

Anyone who ran a table would understand. -- AmberFox

[AN: Yeah nah that's a bad sesh there. And maybe bad management]

The life of the game master holds many roles. Storyteller, co-ordinator, plot-weaver... and primary parental to a group of people with the collective intelligence of a tadpole. It wasn't their fault. Not entirely. Players in a game this complicated had other things to concern themselves with between sessions. They had lives, errands, work, trivialities, and assorted nonsense that obscured their memories.

That was why the pre-session recap is an essential part of the game. More essential than the puerile humour that runs through its metaphorical veins. It is, after all, a game that centers around escapism. Dumb jokes are one among the many ways that the players blow off steam.

It's a game where memory skills are encouraged, but only one at the table is meant to remember everything. Therefore, only one is expected to have a ton of resources at their disposal. Beware the ones that have boxes of stuff. They have more than enough time on their hands to create just about anything. But those ones are rare[1]. It may reassure many that the game master is just as disorganised as the rest of them.

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