Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news: two new cases, both imports. Twenty-one cases total, eighteen in hospital. Aaaaannnnd MeMum is getting The Jab today.

Therefore, I am on call in case things go pants.

Whee. Fun.

Today's Wordpress is going to be more of my Terrible Tiefling. I don't have to think too hard for that. Yay.

In the news:

  • Delta strain conquering the UK
  • Sportsman devalues Coca-Cola with some ill-chosen words
  • Miley Cyrus strips on Instagram
  • Writer euthenises her "pandemic dog" after owning it for six months
  • Conspiracy that the jab spreads the plague has been debunked
  • Anti-lockdown protestors in the UK chase a journo who was covering the protest. No wonder they're rife with plague over there
  • Polar fleece can kill your babies
  • Cashier in the US killed over mask dispute
  • ScoMo saw the Queen on the finale of his "suck up to Mother" tour
  • Don't use the glasses in hotel rooms, they're nasty

Onwards to nonsense.