Thursday, Day 0, Shenanigans?

Plague news:

  • 13 511 new cases
  • 73 266 total active cases
  • 889 hospitalisations
  • 47 in the ICU
  • 9 new deaths
  • 10 545 total cases in first nations people

Vax news:

  • 323 879 national doses
  • 56 550 Qld doses
  • 9 689 ACT doses
  • 91 663 NSW doses
  • 2 749 NT doses
  • 24 555 SA doses
  • 6 534 Tas doses
  • 89 873 Vic doses
  • 42 266 WA doses

I have finished editing my anthology, so my next order of business is creating a new cover for the dang thing. New colour, increment the year count, and maybe think about a mote of extra arting. I dunno.

I want to get this out there.

On the plus side, I can focus on other things. Like editing Adapting. Building more dungeon zones. Actually work on a side-project that I've had in the planning stage. Or maybe just take some time to enjoy myself between goes on the OPEP or doses on Max, my nebuliser.

In the news:

  • Antivax community divided over traditional version of the plague jab
  • Europe to ban the double-vaxxed as they decide what "fully vaxxed" means
  • "Time Traveller" on TikTok claims to be alone in the world and shows clever videos with all the people digitally removed
  • Alcohol prices set to rise
  • New push to get rid of the union jack on the Aussie flag
  • YouTube star lost the battle with cancer at 36
  • Earthquakes near Perth
  • Musk wants to pay for his burgers in Dogecoin
  • Australia's latest housing bubble set to pop
  • Billionaire opens pharmacy to provide affordable generic drugs

Streaming soon to now.