Challenge #03315-I027: Do Better...

Wraithvine and the ones with them are called back to Lower Petraine. The runner had used scrying, along with a signal that this was immensely urgent, to let everyone know they were coming. Out of breath, especially using the swiftness spell to get to the gentle mage, along with Vee and everyone with them, hurried back to the village. Gentle Anthe was in hospice, age had caught up with her and she'd not long left. But, she wanted to see her grandchild again, and her dear friend, before she slipped into that long, eternal, sleep. -- Anon Guest

Kobolds can live for one hundred and twenty years. However, most of them don't. The destiny of a Kobold is generally to end in a brief, crunchy squeak. Given that Lady Anthe was a thief, a trickster, and an Adventurer as well, it was surprising that she lived to see retirement.

Her life in Lower Petraine was even longer than expected. Having a grandchild like young Vee had its benefits.

Time, like a thief, stole upon Lady Anthe. Vee happened to like Adventuring and after the nonsense with Amatu was done, she continued on with or without Wraithvine to help the world. With every visit home, Lady Anthe was a little more faded. A little slower. A little less able.

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