Friday, Day 0, Book Launch

Plague news:

  • 11 600 new cases
  • 69 350 total active cases
  • 829 hospitalisations
  • 48 in the ICU
  • 15 more deaths
  • 11 092 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 82 709 national doses
  • 14 902 Qld doses
  • 4 368 ACT doses
  • 11 271 NSW doses
  • 747 NT doses [SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!]
  • 7 413 SA doses
  • 2 582 Tas doses
  • 29 237 Vic doses
  • 12 189 WA doses

Northern Territory is never never going to catch up with the rest of the nation if they keep up that poor performance.

Today my plns include unfuckening some of the table so I can make some fresher bread for Miss Chaos to take to school so she has a Sammich Kit(tm). Just the unfuckening. That along with cleaning the litter tray in the Catio will just about flatten me.

...firkin plague causing more asthma woes...

The good news is that I might not need antibiotics. The last chunks I evicted were clear, so no bacterial infection. Huzzah.

ONE less thing to fret about.

Meanwhile, my latest anthology has LAUNCHED! Get it here. Yay!

I still have to worry about the rain impeding progress on our jungle yard maintenance. It's raining AGAIN and I'm just about gibbering. Damnit. This we did not need.

Once I flatten myself from unfuckening, I shall tag another week's worth of instants for the app. Something I keep forgetting to do on the daily.

'Druther write Koshdelia because I'm up to the part where she accidentally makes him doubt his sanity. Only some of it will be played for comedy.

I still gotta run myself on the OPEP and give myself a dose on the nebuliser before I go and do unfuckening stuff, but THAT happens after I post my Instant for the day because OPEP requires constant attention to hold at just the right angle. My elbows hate me.

I am still working on doing five minutes per session for three sessions a day on my OPEP. Building up my strength seems to have an effect that betters my breathing all the same.

This is all on the light ball. When I am stronk, I shall move up to the heavy ball.

AAaaannnnyway... I had best get the wriggle to on.

In the news:

  • Mor Tennis Drama
  • Jason Momoa is living in a van
  • Essential parts of Aus are underwater for the first time in 200 years
  • Booster mandates for workers is inevitable
  • New SCOTUS appointment looming
  • New decarbonisation tech converts CO2 to solid carbon really quickly

Of to fiction. Wahey.