Three Day Zero's

Three of them. In a row. Three days of new plague cases, two of which were actually caused by the lying criminal plague-vectors who decided it would be fun to go to Melbourne, shoplift, and then lie about being there. One such case was found in a nursing home and by now we all know what that means. Huge outbreak because nursing homes are universally underfunded and neglected by anyone with a four-figure retirement payment in their wages.

But hey, as long as the stock prices rise.

Yeah, I'm cynical as hell about this. This plague is highlighting everything wrong with society as we know it and those in power don't give a shit so long as they can continue to have more money than they could spend in a lifetime.

I'm still staying away from a majority of the news, but I do have to retract my former statement that the shoplifting Queens of Bad Mistakes apparently weren't from Asia, they just liked a lot of asian food. I have no sources on their actual points of origin. It was word of mouth only.

I can't immediately recall what our conditions of re-entry for Chaos and school are, so that shall be another discussion for a later time. For the meanwhile, we are hunkering and bunkering and not going anywhere or doing anything very much.

Story very soon, as the usual shenanigans with me versus Toastyglow's stream have upset what passes as my normal routine.

Then, I shall probably attempt to nap as the entire neighbourhood drags out all their motorised noisemakers.