Challenge #02761-G204: Stars to Reach For

"Imagine that this experience happened to you. You're a small artist in the 21st century that no one cares or gives a second thought about. Everyone says that your art is complete garbage and will never be remembered or cherished. then, in your darkest of days, a man in a suit takes you in his time machine and takes you to a popular museum which holds your work, work that people thought was trash and worthless, being placed in a museum full of priceless other works of art. Then the time traveller asks a museum employee about you, the artist, and they say that you were the greatest man or woman to ever live and your art is nothing but beauty. That's enough to make anyone have hope in their lives and make them cry tears of joy."

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Who am I? ze wrote. Who cares? I mean, who really cares? I keep working but it goes nowhere and does nothing to change anyone's life. Like, I know I mean a lot to the five entire people who are reading this, but... I wish I had the power to do more.

Who am I? ze wrote. I am a voice in the darkness, trying to change the level of the rising waters with an eyedropper because that's all I have. Desperately searching for a way to get a bucket when the only torch I have is a freakin' laser pointer.

The writer hit 'post' and strolled outdoors for some much needed sunshine and green time. Allergen mask under their cotton plague mask so both hirself and anyone ze met could be protected. Ze expected three lectures from the maskless about how ze had joined the sheeple who didn't know the real threat was 5G or Bill Gates' measures to track people somehow. Ze'd been allergic to most airborne things since before the plague struck but now wearing a mask was not for anyone's protection. It was easy to get depressed in that kind of social atmosphere.

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