An Milestone!

It's taken me literal ages, but I finally accomplished 108K in KOSBOB. Were this my normal output, I would have four weeks to go in the writing thereof. But these are not normal weeks and I should not feel guilty about that.

This entire clusterfuck of a year has done things to my brain. I swear I have trauma exhaustion. Worrying about the plague, worrying about people I love stuck in the middle of it. Worrying about (seemingly) Round 2398654 of the USA's race-related protests, tensions, and fascist escalations as a result. Worrying about the people I love stuck in the middle of that. Worrying about whatever the hell China is doing across the waters and what happens when people I love end up in that morass as well, and I might well be one of those people, "huzzah".

Worrying about MeMum, who is one of the people most likely to be in the middle of the storm caused by those three Covidiots who took a shoplifting spree holiday in Melbourne for reasons that defy common sense.

One of those Covidiots is getting racist and sexist attacks via social media and honestly - what the hell did she expect to happen?

Covidiot conspiracy theorist who started the entire script-to-bypass-checkpoints thing has now been revealed to have been a topless waitress at some point in her past. Expect her fanbase to be evenly divided between this being 'empowerment' and this being a sudden erosion of her position of authority.

I can only hope that the infighting between the Karen fanbase distracts them from their efforts to spread the plague across the nation with their stupidity.

Eight thousand New South Welshmen have rushed Queensland's border and I'm sure that won't implode down the line (eyeroll).

The good news is that there are snappy comebacks to anti-masker talking points

The Muppet continues to talk about suppressing the election whilst the plague rages. Which means he's motivated to continue not doing anything to suppress the plague.


At least we have interwebs now, and I am planning to not do very much at all. So let's get on with ignoring the news for forty-eight hours.