Challenge #02760-G203: Biological Hazard

"Attention, intruders. Your attention, please. This is the ship's human. I am sincerely sorry to inform you that my Aunt Flow has come to visit me for Shark Week. You have ten minutes to get out of here before I come over there, rip you open with my bare hands, and feast on your internal organs to replenish the vital materials that my body has decided to purge via my reproductive system. I haven't been able to find any pain relief that does more than take half the edge off, and our theobromine didn't make it past customs. I repeat, ten minutes. Thank you."

After retreating from the cruise ship they had been attempting to capture for ransom, the pirates took the time to look up "Shark Week" and, for good measure, "Aunt Flow". They were surprised to find that they were the same thing. They were somewhat less surprised to find that that thing was covered with offensensitivity warnings. -- Escla

As far as Deathworlder threats went, it was even more effective for the lack of knowledge concerning the terms used within it. They were smart enough to know that it wasn't wise to hang around when a Human threatened death and destruction, even when they really wanted to know what certain terms actually meant.

There were the free infonets for that kind of thing. Far less risky to life and limb than risking a Deathworlder's obvious ire. The Shandy Shanty made an expeditious retreat to one of their least-hazardous hideouts before risking their research.

Search term: Aunt-Flow, Human-phraseology, explanation. Search result: Terran euphemism, dating back to pre-Shattering era when reproductive necessities were taboo. See: Human reproductive system, uterine cleansing cycle. Offensensitivity warning: bodily fluids, blood, pain, muscle spasms, partial organ failure, hormonal peaks.

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