It's a Clusterfuck Morning!

The LAN is down so I'm using precious phone data to do my thing, so I shall be not present online until such time as the household interwebs is back to fully operational status.

Which means working solely on my laptop again, whee!

In the news this morning, Victoria has finally made mask-wearing mandatory. A move they should have done when the alleged "second wave" hit certain select suburbs. At least this has a passing chance of stopping the Karen Squad before they can cause some real damage.

Honestly, you'd get a smaller death toll from their actions if they'd been running around with an AK-47.

Speaking of Karens, the two plague vectors responsible for Queensland's panic stations have hit the trifecta of Just Bad Decisions. 1 - They were originally from Asia before they hit our sunny shores, thus giving fuel to all the racists who are going to attack anyone even slightly Asian-looking. 2 - They were in Melbourne to shoplift, and 3 - Potentially using their plague-lies to avoid the consequences of the law.

Way to go, ladies.

In other news:

  • Muppet attempting to claim mail-in voting is fraudulent and thereby hang onto power as the least-popular leader of his country ever
  • Even his own party won't back up his bullshit
  • Queensland's shut its borders again
  • Those responsible for Queensland might be involved in a crime ring
  • Shops are already encouraging patrons to wear masks
  • Selfish Bitch who filmed herself using a script to override plague controls has now been hit with a $10K fine and an order to appear in court
  • I hope they throw the firkin book at her
  • Russia claims a vaccine is "two weeks" away. I predict said vaccine will be high on the dodgy side and cause more trouble than it solves
  • Which will feed into numerous Anti-vax talking points to the mental anguish of all
  • Two football stars have been permitted to skate around Queensland's quarantine protocols on vague "medical grounds" because they're anti-vaxxers
  • This of course is going to cause mountains of trouble, calling it now

I wish they'd invent a cure for Firkin Stupid...