Challenge #02762-G205: My What Big Ears...

"OW! [Fornication] [excrement]! What the [undesirable afterlife] did I just step on?!" -- Anon Guest

Some toys were made to be weaponised into anti-personnel measures. One has, by logic and design, a set of small, modular, interlocking bricks designed to be parts of a creativity toy for children. Children are renowned for not putting away their toys, or not being very vigilant at doing so. There are, to children, much better things to do than looking for tiny building blocks.

Most adults would agree, until their unprotected feet meet with the unexpected caltrop in the darkness. At that moment, all pretense of attempting to stealthily check the whimpering in the night-time fly out of the nearest available portal. There is only one reaction to finding the sharp corners of the unexpected building-block lurking in the gloom. Most of them are words that the under-fives should not hear.

Very little has changed since modular building blocks were invented. Even in times far-flung from their origin, they still exist as playthings and they are still painful to tread on. Fortunately for parents, there are such things as audio filters that bowdlerise offensive language. Unfortunately, the default setting is for technical terminology.

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