That Went Well...

So. In one day, we have:

  • Realised the short walkway is too long and cut it to size
  • Including angle-grinding the sharp bits off
  • Fit a skin to the junction between short and long walkways (it's a mess, but it works!)
  • Mis-measured an entire part of the whole mess
  • Made a new one that's way better
  • Mis-measured the legs for same
  • Fixed that
  • Had to get more mesh for the new part
  • And a bunch of other stuff, too
  • Developed a PLN for the second junction box
  • Developed a PLN for the mis-measured junction piece so that it will now be part of the kitty enclosure anyway.

Yay us.

This whole mess is a lot more improvised than the first stage, but it's still coming together well, IMHO

As same as yesterday, there won't be a story until after dark. I'm spending my entire day on making a Kitty Kondo.