Kitty Kondo

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Kitty time! And Game Nite!

We're but a few staples away from having the Kitty Kondo(tm) completed!

It's game night, so Beloved and the family have some extra hours in which to bond with the fine feline that has caused NINE WEEKS of anguish and effort from us.

I am going to ENJOY being a blob this weekend. Snuggled up with my new kitty and finding her a name.

Hell, I might even post pictures.

But for now, I watch for Chaos' bus... and then get on with stapling mesh into place.

Stick a fork in me, I'm DONE.


Trust me to write this nonse just before I have to watch for Chaos' bus. I'm THAT organised.


Mayhem is home sick with what's looking like a contender for the Ekka Flu. Yay. We didn't even go, and he has it. He's going to be helping me with my bullshit as the day progresses.

I also pln or getting a reserve roller support so Mayhem can join in with the bullshit.

And then... WE PAINT!

...I'll get the story done sometime

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Ow My Left Knee

OK. So. Beloved and I have begun work on the interior of the Kitty Kondo(tm) more as something to do whilst I paint the last junction box and the table/bench thing we already built for inside it.

Ekka week starts this Friday (also a D&D night), and the following Wednesday, I have my Beloved home to work on things. By this weekend, I should have everything they have made so far painted and ready to rock and/or

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So here's the PLN

  1. Blog
  2. Brat run (doy)
  3. Cash run (because Monday)
  4. Instant Story
  5. House Unfuckening
  6. Mesh cut to fit
  7. 500-1K words in Kingdom of Sand: Border of Bones

That's a lot... and most of that is normal, average, ordinary BS.

Throughout the week, I have two objects to paint, six if you count each individual angle-iron foot for the final unit of the walkway.

We have a table/chair/bench for the interior of the actual cage and I'm counting that as a pure win.

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That Went Well...

So. In one day, we have:

  • Realised the short walkway is too long and cut it to size
  • Including angle-grinding the sharp bits off
  • Fit a skin to the junction between short and long walkways (it's a mess, but it works!)
  • Mis-measured an entire part of the whole mess
  • Made a new one that's way better
  • Mis-measured the legs for same
  • Fixed that
  • Had to get more mesh for the new part
  • And a bunch of other stuff, too
  • Developed a PLN
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I have just published episode 5 of Inter-Mission, which is now out on Anchor, linked over on the "PODCAST!" link up in the menu, there. It should also be out on the current affiliates with Anchor, which are:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Breaker
  • Google Podcasts
  • Overcast
  • Pocket Casts
  • Radio Republic, and...
  • Spotify

Find me on your favourite audio streaming option from the above. Share and enjoy.

I've reached an embuggerance with the dang Kitty Kondo (tm) because we know a 10mm hole is too

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Getting closer

We have a much smaller (hopefully cheaper) list of matts to get for some of the last stages of building the exterior walkway.

We have the long stretch of walkway made and ready to install, we have another one almost complete, save for the fact that our supplies literally fell short.

Therefore, this morning, we're going out for matts. The rest of today is going to be spent with me learning how to use dynabolts, and putting together some walkway elements. After

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GDI it's cold

There's something wrong about it being the coldest days of the year after the winter equinox. I can't put my finger on it, precisely, but it strikes me as the height of illogic that all the cold happens after the shortest day of the year.

I'm still journeying out in this noise to add staples and screws to the Kitty Kondo(tm) frame. My weak noodly writer muscles weren't enough to hold the staplegun above my shoulders, so Beloved kindly stapled the

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Another day of shenanigans ahead

This time, we're finishing up the paint job and maybe attaching the roof. I'm getting used to the idea that we're going to just... spend half of Saturdays just getting stuff, now.

So yeah, we now own a new paint sprayer and this one might suffer the slings and arrows of being stored for extended periods and not develop leaks like the old one.
The old one did more resemble a Super Soaker than anything industrial.

The new one looks a bit

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Commence Faffery

Things accomplished: 1K words, the Instant, and a wooden post re-obtained.

To do today: Patreon nonsense, 500-1K words, the Instant, and post jiggery-pokery.

I want to get Mayhem to help me out with the posts, but getting him to do so is going to be my big battle. Putting these things up is a two-person job and Chaos does not have the height, strength, or patience to do these things.

Still. Best to rattle on with the content whilst the daylight is

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A PLN of Action

So. We have a guest from the States who's due to fly south for the winter to do some technogeek stuff over there. I know not if they're coming back for another sleepover before they head home.

Either way, Beloved is taking them to the airport this AM so we're delayed in going off and seeking things to make the Kitty Kondo(tm) be real. That's fine. It lets me attempt to focus and make at minimum, this blog entry.

It's... not

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We have all the upright posts marked, and I am prepared to put the notches in. Yay. We have a week of sunshine-ish weather in the cards, so we might get the concrete in. I hope we can do this because my impending kitty is a week away from being allowed away from her mum.

I got one good day to get as much notching done as I can. Because the next step is construction. We have nuts and bolts. We have

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Okay. I can do this...

I just put the skeleton of a plot together for books one and two of Kingdom of Sand. Fantastic, but I still haven't worked out our heroes, how magic works, or anything of the ilk.

I should do that sometime RSN. I'm thinking Equivalent Exchange plus Personal Will and True Awareness equals magical powers and the ability to change what is. It should be tremendously difficult and maybe two of the party at most has a nebulous handle on the stuff.


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