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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news: two new cases, both imports. There's fourteen total active cases, twelve of them are in hospital. Australia's at 92% first vax, 87% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 86.5% first vax, 76% fully vaxxed.

The new variant, the direct result of first-world countried hoarding vaccinations, is now loose in the first world. Talk about reaping what you sow.

If only we'd done for the plague what we did for fucking smallpox. If only the orange canker sore hadn't decided his ego was more important than literally thousands of lives.

Oh, for a time machine and a baseball bat...

I'm going to have to figure out something for Wordpress. Rant or story segment? Probably rant. I have some ideas stored by.

In the news:

  • People running to Aus because it's (mostly) plague-free, thus bringing plague to Australia
  • Reality TV star dead in car crash
  • Market boffins call for creators of Dogecoin to be jailed. They're mad that it's making money
  • Past Presidents and Prince Andrew named as "takers of green apples" in Maxwell trial
  • Some fuckwit shot three kids in a USA school
  • Australia could be flooded AND on fire this year. Yay for climate change and fuck this
  • China vows to destroy everything in its way
  • Remains found in search for missing campers
  • We need new vaccines to battle Omicron
  • Australia ramps up moves against internet trolls

Story now, rant later. Then I go populate dungeon and faff about.


I wrapped up the adventure map. I put the final punctuation mark in the last in-game text file.

I’ve written the teacher’s supplements.

I’ve transformed the map from Creative to Survival.

I’ve included the map, the texts, the supplements, the specialised texture pack and some bits of trivia, and put it all into a 43MB package on a stick drive that is currently residing with my house keys.

Tomorrow, I deliver the whole benighted

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