What Now

A 1-post collection


I wrapped up the adventure map. I put the final punctuation mark in the last in-game text file.

I’ve written the teacher’s supplements.

I’ve transformed the map from Creative to Survival.

I’ve included the map, the texts, the supplements, the specialised texture pack and some bits of trivia, and put it all into a 43MB package on a stick drive that is currently residing with my house keys.

Tomorrow, I deliver the whole benighted package!

The day¬†after tomorrow….


The day after tomorrow, I shall be sharing a 14.3MB zip file containing all of the above with the entire world. I’ll be giving all my loyal fans the URL to download.

And now that it’s all done…

I don’t know what to do with myself. There’s only so much housework to do before it becomes mundane maintenance. I could throw myself back at my writing and see what happens, I suppose. I could learn how to handle Meteor and make Realm of the InterNutter a free app or something. Apps are apparently in.

This whole thing is a huge personal accomplishment. I spent months of my time making this map, engineering traps, building set pieces and, more often than not, breaking something I’d been trying to make the heck down and starting all over again.

My personal deadline was September. I’m over the moon to have finished by July.

So when this comes out on Tuesday(My Tuesday, possibly your Monday), have a go at it. Post some videos. Have fun.

And let me know what you think. Feedback is important to me.